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Warm weather is upon us and with it our love for eating outdoors. It also attracts bugs that annoy, bite and can turn our R & R time into their food fest of both us and the yums we've prepared! Here are simple, sanity saving ways to help prevent them from bugging us!


Outdoor dining and picnics are a feast for those feisty ants. A simple crumb or morsel becomes an invite to join your party so stop them in their multi-feet tracks!

  • Draw the line: When dining outdoors, sprinkle talcum powder or chalk. Create a circle around your dining table using talcum powder or chalk. It is toxic to ants them since they inhale the powder which clogs their airway causing them to choke and die pronto. You can also do this at points of entry to your home i.e. doors and windows.

  • Pass the salt: Ants are actually attracted to salt and will lick it off their ‘feet’ causing them to become very thirsty: so thirsty that they will drink water until they die. That said, if you are NOT near any source of water do not use this tip as it will attract and keep them coming versus causing them to seek water and drink until they drop. not keep them at bay.

  • Build a moat: To keep ants from climbing up to the table, fill small plastic containers with water and put one under each of the legs. Any ants that make it over the top of the containers will soon find themselves swimming, unable to reach the table leg.


Mosquitos love me and that doesn't flatter me....Apparently, there is a genetic attraction; and love florally scents so avoid as in our perfume (hmmm starting to sound like a love at first bite...sorry that glass of wine is writing!). On the flip side certain scents repel them like garlic, peppermint and marigolds (see below!)

  • Blow 'em away: Mosquitos can only fly in still air, so keep a portable oscillating fan (standing or ‘desk’) nearby. Consider installing a permanent fan on your porch ceiling or indoor areas which will also help you reduce AC consumption while keeping mosquitos at bay.

  • Move them out with Marigold: These little blood suckers hate the smell of marigolds since it contains a natural insect repellant called pyrethrum. Place a border around your patio, patio table, seating areas, windows and even in your bedroom just in case you leave your windows open! This also works to repel bees.

  • Block them with basil: Aside from our enjoying basil as a tasty summer treat with mozzarella, basil is a natural repellent to mosquitos and it’s oil is toxic to mosquito larves so they ‘naturally’ stay away. So place it around areas where standing water easily accumulates and attracts them to thrive and lay eggs.

And, you probably know this but never leave standing water other then in your pool around cause that's where they breed!!!


I am petrified of bees having been stung by five when I was a little tyke so anything I can do to keep them away or better yet put a stop to their stinging me, I'm in!

  • De-Scent: Like mosquitos, bees are attracted to the sweet scents we wear so avoid strong-scented items as perfume, hairspray, hair gel, body lotion and deodorant.

  • Fool Them 'n Sweeten-Up: Another way to distract them from your ‘sweet scents’ is to fill a plastic pan or bowl with fruit juice, soda or lemonade and place a yard or two away from where you are sitting. Do so about 20-30 minutes before so the bees can share their find with their mates.

  • Use Dryer Sheets: Though bees like sweet scents they don’t like scents they don’t recognize and the heavily scented dryer sheets are one of them. They also don’t like their oily texture which makes it hard for them to ‘land’ and stay put on them. Place one in your pocket, on tables, chairs, picnic blanket or anywhere else you will be hanging.


Sipping that glass of sangria and all of a sudden notice you're joined by some little bugs looking to join! Yuk! Next time give them their own glass and start singing "fruit fly don't bother me!"

Gross factoid! Fruit flies live approximately 30 days and during that time ONE of them can lay up to 400 eggs! Here are ways to limit their procreation!

  • Sip 'n Sink: Pour a small amount of red wine or vinegar into a dish. If you have a little red wine left in your glass use that though 'leftovers' are a rarity for me! Add a few pieces of fruit to the liquid and cover with plastic wrap. Poke a few holes in the wrap to all the flies to access. The scent attracts the flies to the trap and once in the wrapped glass or dish will struggle to escape! Cheers!

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Jul 26, 2022

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