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5 Egg-cellent Beauty Hacks

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Whodathunk!!! Yip the 'incredible edible egg' is also an incredible credible beauty aid with 'dozens' of uses so let's get cracking' ...Ready...Set...Repurpose!

So let's first understand why ye egg is so incredible...It's mostly in the yoke which is rich in seven vitamins including A (a strong anti-wrinkle agent), D, E, B-12 and K — all good for the body and skin — and minerals like potassium and calcium. And, the egg’s gooey white has natural astringents that help tighten, tone and firm, making the egg a self-packaged, all-in-one facial elixir!

TIGHTEN, TONE & MOISTURIZING MASK : Whole Eggs This simple recipe gives a beautiful new meaning to ‘egg on your face’! Tip: Tie hair back since treatment may be a little messy! Wash face and neck thoroughly with warm water to open pores Beat one egg until frothy Apply to your face and neck avoiding your eyes and mouth Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes Remove with a warm damp washcloth Tip: Tie your hair back, since these treatments can be a little messy. Once you apply, sit back and chill. They may drip a bit as they dry!

FIRM & TREAT ACNE MASK: Egg Whites Whites on their own have tons of astringent qualities. Lemon juice intensifies their effectiveness and kills bacteria that causes pimples and blackheads. Honey is a natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial and moisturizer. The result: firmer, smoother skin and less zits! Tip: Tie hair back before you apply since may drip a bit as it dries! Wash your face thoroughly to open pores and then pat it dry Beat one egg white and two teaspoons of lemon juice with a fork until frothy Mix in 1/2 tablespoon of honey Apply the mix to your face avoiding your eyes and mouth Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes Rinse your face with warm water This clip of Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire will def 'crack' you up!

LIFT EYELIDS: Egg Whites Say goodnight to tired looking lids! Clean your lids thoroughly and pat dry Beat one egg white until it becomes frothy with a fork Close your eyes and apply a coat along the crease of your eye with a Q-tip Keep your eye closed until the egg white dries (you will feel some gentle pulling) Remove the leftover egg with a warm damp cloth Repeat if needed DEPUFF

UNDER EYES & REDUCE WRINKLES: Egg Membranes The membrane, an overlooked part of this incredible beauty elixir, is the clear film that lines the shell & is easiest to see (and access!) when you hard boil one. It is chock full of skin-nourishing stuff like collagen and hyaluronic acid — which help to rejuvenate and replenish — reduce puffy eyes from too much crying, drinking and lack of sleep! Best yet, it costs much less then anything you’d buy in your favorite department or drug store! Hard boil an egg Clean your under-eye thoroughly and pat dry Remove the hard boiled egg (save for snack later!) Carefully peel the membrane* Apply immediately to the under-eye area Avoid your eyes!! Leave it on until your under-eye area feels like it’s being pulled (you don’t want to leave it on too long since your under-eye skin is very delicate, so err on the side of less time until you know how your eyes react) Wash it off gently with warm water *Since we are not egg surgeons, the membrane may be challenging to remove, so find a piece of the membrane you can get a grip on!

HAIR: MOISTURIZE ADD SHINE & FIGHT DANDRUFF: Yolks Yolks are a terrific moisturizer and they contain sulfer which makes them an effective dandruff fighter! (BTW you can also use this treatment as a facial mask!) Blend 1-2 yolks (depends on length and thickness of your hair) and ½ an avocado in a blender Apply and leave on for 30 minutes Rinse with cool water so egg doesn’t cook!

READY. SET. REPURPOSE!! Share how you use eggs for a new purpose with us!

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