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5 Fast Free Fashion & Beauty Fixes

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Say that 3 times fast!!! We've all been there: just as we think we're good to head out the door on a date, interview or girl's nite out horror strikes when we look in the mirror and see those white deodorant stripes on our LBD or our hair flying out of control! No prob! Here are quick and easy ways to erase 'em and a few other fashion fixes!

1. Deodorant marks on your ‘lil black dress? Use the foam rubber from your dry cleaning hanger or baby wipes.

2. Pills on a sweater? Rub in one direction with nailbrush or pumice stone

3. Static cling? Fly-away hair? Rub with a fabric dryer sheet

4. Loose button? Apply a coat of clear nail polish on top of button’s threads

5. Wrinkles? Turn your flat iron into a mini press for your cotton or polyester tops. Lightly spritz with water …always best to errr on holding iron a shorter time to insure you banish and don’t burn away those wrinkles

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