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Updated: May 15, 2021

It happens to us all...the kids are screaming they're bored, what's for dinner; your significant other is asking where his socks are and can you drop off his Dry Cleaning cause he's late for a meeting; or you're on a zoom call that's gone longer then expected and your dog can't hold it in any longer and all you want to say to everyone is LMTFA (Short for: Leave Me the F*ck Alone!) #LMTFA

Clearly, I'm not a licensed therapist nor expert, I just have been there felt like as have we all and found a few quick & easy sanity savers that I hope may provide a little relief. And, when I have more time or need a longer escape, I grab a glass of wine (actually a bottle with a glass since it's likely a 2+glass kinda LMTFA time), lock the door to whatever room is far enough away from my madness, and binge-watch my favorite Netflix show...For me that be Schitt's Creek for a laugh or Outlander for a harmless romantic fantasy since my guy may be the one temporarily contributing to my LMTFA time! #shittscreek #outlander #netflix

OK ..back to my :60 sanity savers:

  • MAKE A SILLY FACE: look in the mirror and make a silly face... I know it sounds juvenile, but acting like a child is the perfect antidote to feeling like sh*t

  • BLOW BUBBLES: Staying with our inner-child: Remember the joy you use to get when you blew that big one! Well go buy yourself a bottle for these moments and either go outside or blow away inside!

  • SCREAM OR SING: As loud as you can which will scare anyone with six feet of you and realize they better LYTFA as in Leave You the F*ck Alone or if you're singing and sing like me want to make a quick exit to escape your 'shrill'!

  • MAKE YOUR FAVE COCKTAIL: A double...'nough explanation!

  • EAT CHOCOLATE: It's a natural brain pick me up since it contains serotonin. . . .Just don't overdue it cause than you'll be pissed at yourself for over indulging!

  • PUNCH IT AWAY: Get yourself a punching bag. If you don't want to buy one you can use your pillow instead. Feel free to cover your head with it to drown all out!

  • MEME- ORIZE! Download a fave meme that always makes you smile when you see it (songs work too!) Mine is David's from Schitts Creek (above!) saying "IT"S TOO MUCH"....It always make me laugh and temporarily provides sanity relief.

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