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Updated: May 14, 2021

Dressing for your age is an interesting expression. I like to look at it more as dressing for your sense of self. If something you wear makes you feel good and you're not exposing body parts that would make any one whom cares about you wince & want to cover you in a blanket, I say wear it! I also like to look to my wardrobe for basics that I can wear as is (or are!) or 'jhuze' up to suit my mood, occasion, lack of good nite's sleep or bad hair day!

So here are my ageless low maintenance fashion go tos that date back to my 20's (only 10 years ago... Ha!) which will be with me to infinity and beyond and should be with you no matter what your age!

Why Change? Everyone has there own style. When you have found it you should stick with it. Audrey Hepburn

1. LBD

Audrey Hepburn made the Little Black Dress a fashion must when she rocked it in the classic film "Breakfast At Tiffany's"! A 'must see' if you haven't!

Why the LBD? Simply because they are simple, affordable and flatter almost every body type! They provide the perfect canvas for dressing up or down, daytime or evening, sophistication or to get your sexy on! Plus they don't show stains which is a must as I'm a bit sloppy!

But if black isn't your best color go ALCD: as in Any Little Color Dress like moi here in my LWD...channeling my inner Audrey !!Of course then I have to switch to clear liquids and stain free foods but then again that's why dry cleaners exist!

To make your 'go to dress' truly yours simply:

  • Jhuse it up with sneaks or Kick Ass stillettos,

  • Accessorize with a statement pair of earrings, bracelet or temporary tat

  • Glam up for daytime with a fab pair of sunglasses!!

  • Add a pop of color with a scarf tied around your hip or neck, clutch or shoulder bag!

You'll look Flucking Fabulous!

BTW I thought I had created the word flucking as a more lady-like way to say the word 'F*ck". I was wrong. It already exists and it means a gang of geese f*cking...whodathunk! I still credit it as a Julie-ism.. feel free to use it!


Your LBD have those little white stripes? NP: Wipe with the foam rubber from your dry cleaning hanger or baby wipe to remove!

2. GO-TO JEANS 3. LWT or LBT : Little White or Black T-shirt 4. KA: Kick Ass Stilletos

These are the perfect fashion trifecta in my fashion look book and fit into my passion for repurposing what we have when we can:

Even though my Athleleisure garb aka leggings have become a clear staple in my 'drobe (Lululemon is still one of my faves!), my good ole 'naturally' ripped black or blue jeans, with a basic tee and pair of my go-to KA stilettos are mindless and always seem to work.


And, no I don't wash my jeans after one wearing...point of fact is you can wear them 3-7 times unless they get smelly and that will give them a longer life since washing breaks down the fabric! BTW my stilettos are the same as those I wore with my LWD to wear my comfy sneaks too!

BTW if you are an altheleisure lass and haven't seen Cardi B's new Reebok athleleisure collection check it out...Check it out! surprisingly there's something that works for almost every age though I can't rock her literally killer mani!


If your favorite t-shirt has shrunk due to numerous washings just baby them! Put your shirt in a sink with a capful of baby shampoo. Cover tee completely so it penetrates all the fibers of shirt so you can stretch! Squeeze out as much of you can and place on clean dry towel. Roll and squeeze to get as much moisture out. Unroll and lay on another dry towel & stretch gently on all angles. until it looks like it will be back to your bod size. Let dry!


There's nothing like a fab pair of sunglasses to turn up the glam or to hide those puffy eyes from a lack of sleep or too many nite before crocks! I don't know about you, but since I loose mine so often, I generally opt for finding fabulous ones at my fave frugal fashionista haunts (say that 3x fast!)...Like these from TJMaxx which were only $8 #sanitysavers #frugalfashionfinds


Perfecto for a bad hair day and for some reason wearing one makes me feel like smiling cause it's just says 'fun'!

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