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Sipping that glass of sangria and all of a sudden notice you're joined by some little bugs looking to join! Yuk! Next time give them their own glass OR empty bottle of wine and start singing "fruit fly don't bother me!"

Gross factoid! Fruit flies live approximately 30 days and during that time ONE of them can lay up to 400 eggs! Here are ways to limit their procreation!

  • Make 'em their own sippy cup: Pour a small amount of red wine or vinegar into a dish. If you have a little red wine left in your glass use that or an empty bottle.

Add a few pieces of fruit to the liquid and cover with plastic wrap. Poke a few holes in the

wrap to all the flies to access. The scent attracts the flies to the trap and once in the wrapped glass or dish will struggle to escape!

BTW if you've noticed a funky smell too, it's the female fruit fly that causes an 'odor' since they release 'pheromones' into the wine to attract the males. Cheers!

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