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SANITY SAVER: How Singing My Heart Out (In the Shower!)Helped Bring My Sense of Self & Sass Back

I’ve always wanted to write a song and produce a music video — me and everyone else! But I didn’t want to in hopes of launching a singing career (though if Jay Z calls, I’m in). It was one of my bucket list items. When my breakup happened, I channeled my emotional rawness — and savings — into fulfilling this dream. Of course peeps around me thought I was crazy, until they heard it and that I could sing outside the shower. I hope it will inspire, empower and help you and others going through a breakup smile and believe that you will survive and get back your sense of self ‘n’ sass!

AND BTW I got mine back...took a while, but I'm in a wonderfully fulfilling and loving relationship grounded in mutual respect, kindness, listening, laughing and baggage :-) ...and dare I say, the love-making is tres bien...more on that another time!

Here's some fun BTS (behind the scenes) of our shoot for your viewing pleasure! Coming soon!!

And, a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the incredible & uber talented, composer, producer and I'm so proud to call my friend Michael Levine...And, the amazing chorus & far more talented singers then I whom made this truly rock. TU TU TU!! (GETTING NAMES)

Got a song that helped you get your sense of self & sass back? Share!!

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