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6 Unusual Beautifying Uses for Cucumbers

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Got Cukes??? Well then you have a tasty, crunchy multi-tasking cleverly disguised beauty and home-keeping gem in your midst!!! Beyond it’s vitamin rich comp of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C (which has anti-inflam properties and thus why we use them to reduce puffy eyes!!) & zinc, iron, calcium, folic potassium and more of its benefits, here are 6 ways to give them purpose beyond their crunch & munch ! Ready...Set...Repurpose!


Forget the WD-40 rub a dub that squeaky door hinge with the inside of a cucumber. Rub it up and down 2-3 times. If squeak remains, repeat until ‘quiet’. The juices act as a ‘natural lubricator’. FYI it will drip a bit so hold a clean cloth underneath to catch!

Feel free to be creative and try the ‘cukes’ lubricating magic elsewhere….just saying not condoning…whole cucumber optional!

FRUIT OR VEGGIE??? Most of us think cuukes are veggies...WRONG!!! Since they have seeds and can reproduce they are technically fruits...put that in your garden and grow it!!!


Simply slice and rub the cucumber on your 'lumpy' areas. The duke's phytochemicals cause the collagen in your outer skin layer to tighten and smooth your cellulite out. , reducing the visibility of cellulite. If you have time exfoliate the skin you wish to de-clump! FYI this is a temporary fix and our tighten & tone & drop five days are still required for long-term results!


Since Cukes have are 95% water, loaded good nutrients, B type vitamins, electrolytes and sugar they serve to rehydrate, eliminate toxins and replenish those lost aka absorbed when we drink too much. So I guess eating a 'cucumber a day (or night) will help keep the hangover away. This also begs the question: If I put cucumbers into my vodka martini and eat them as I drink it, will that neutralize the effects of my potential over-drinking? Well, friends I will do the research for us and let you know! Cheers!


Your 'lil Picasso using your wall as his canvas no prob! Rub the marks with the cuke's outer skin.


Not as in your lazy ex’s removal but as in your garden! Put five ¼ inch cucumber slices on a piece of tin-foil or disposable aluminum pie tin. The cuke’s chemicals interact with the foil to create a scent slugs hate.


Cut a thick cuke slice and wipe faucets & metal for a streak-free shine!

Got a cute hack? Share please @______ ....Ready...Set...Repurpose!

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