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Sanity Savers

"Sometimes I question my sanity.

Occasionally it replies. "

— Anonymous

I'm a little crazy and I'm good with that since it actually saves my sanity.  I know that sounds a bit crazy. But I believe that we all need to have those sanity saving moments, minutes or martinis that help us deal with those moment, minutes and moods that challenge our sense of self. ...challenges like breakups; loss of a loved one, a job or pet; general life overload or just having a bad day for no reason other then we just feel like sh*t and wanna say LMTFA i.e Leave Me the F*ck Alone. That's what these sanity savers are for: to help simply make you smile or get your sense of self & sass back momentarily or on the road back to it with humor, heart & happy hour faves!  We've Got This!

Check out my sanity-saving tips! 

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